Creative Digital Marketing

Find Me, Join Me, Follow Me

15 March 2009

Recently, i’ve come across the following 3 lines, in a spam message and in the email signature of the chairman of Ecademy:

Web 1.0 – Find Me
Web 2.0 – Join Me
Web 3.0 – Follow Me

Without analysing it too much it does appear to sum up the evolution of the web and the popular trends over the last few years.

Could almost be:

Web 1.0 – Google
Web 2.0 – Facebook
Web 3.0 – Twitter

Whilst it hasn’t reached the entire population of the planet, for those with reliable high speed internet access it’s now a hyper connected world. And these three ‘versions’ of the web offer 3 slightly different but very useful ways to filter the vast amounts of content available to all:

Web 1.0 – Search driven
Web 2.0 – The social web and RSS
Web 3.0 – Conversational and peer filtered

There’s one other significant factor that’s changing the way we access and use information and that is the mobile web or arguably the iPhone.

So what should you do to make sure you are communicating with your customers or target audience?

Talk to us about a updating or building your website. We offer as standard:

- Search Engine Optimised page design

- Facebook integration and/or Facebook applications

- built in RSS feeds and Twitter integration

- iPhone optimised version of your site