Creative Digital Marketing

  • Is your business making the most of its customers?

    04 December 2012

    For any business to thrive, it needs loyal customers. People who keep coming back because they’ve found a brand or service that they like and trust.

    To earn customer satisfaction, businesses need to offer their customers not only a great product but also the best possible service. To be a pleasure to do business with. To make themselves useful – vital, even – to their customers.

    As a business owner, ask yourself:

    • Do you know what kind of thing each of your customers likes to order?
    • Can you remember what you discussed in your last communication with them?
    • Do you have a simple but professional means of reaching out to your entire customer base?

    BoxStuff rapport makes all these things not only possible but easy. Both to use and to maintain.

    With BoxStuff rapport you can:

    • Send out formatted, image-rich personalised e-mails to selected groups of contacts
    • Enter date-marked notes on each customer’s record.
    • Instantly see what what communication you last had with them.

    You can also organise your contacts into different groups using tags, making it easy to target a specific range of customers (perhaps you want to invite local customers to a product launch – there’s no point targeting your customers who live too far away to make the event).

    There is no software to install (you just need a web browser) and you never have to worry about updates.