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Don't underestimate the importance of good, regularly updated content

16 March 2015

Most businesses in 2015 have an online presence, with a website as a bare minimum, and usually a Facebook page and Twitter account too. But how many business owners have the time or expertise to keep their website and social media regularly updated with sparkling content that’s relevant to their customers, and designed to drive sales?

It’s simply not enough to have a website that only lists your contact details. Websites today need a constantly fresh feed of content and SEO links in order to stand a chance in Google’s top ranking searches. If a search doesn’t bring your website up on Google’s first page, it may as well not exist. And content that is months out of date will not only not serve you, but looks unimpressive to customers, who may wonder whether the business is even active.

The bottom line is that if you don’t update your website regularly, your online presence will become invisible to all but those in the know. Regular content ensures that your website looks relevant, professional and useful – and guarantees better online recognition by Google and other search engines, to constantly attract new customers.

But writing arresting, accurate copy is not easy. You may know the message you want to convey, but lack the know-how to pitch it. Some people are happy sketching the first draft of an article or blog, but need a professional to proof-read their copy to ensure the grammar is faultless, or to re-write passages for maximum commercial impact. Either way, Boxstuff can help.

Professional copywriter Anna Pocock currently blogs for Taste of the Wight, and has contributed regular features to Style of Wight Magazine, The Family Directory, Chessell Pottery, Pottery Cafes in Fulham, Battersea & Richmond, The Foodies Larder, Boxstuff and The Garlic Farm.

Whether you’re looking for a weekly blog, news or feature articles, case studies, or help with your social media and marketing campaigns, Anna can write your content. She can also set up and manage corporate Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, Vine and Instagram accounts. With ten years previous experience in TV production, online videos (or ‘vlogs’) are a cinch too.

Visit her website to see examples of her work, and contact Boxstuff to discuss your requirements.