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  • Wishing you a happy and successful 2012

    09 January 2012

    Happy New Year!

    We’re looking forward to a great year in 2012. Diamond Jubilee celebrations, Olympics in the UK and a feast of new and exciting projects.

    We’ve found a little time to update our own website and will be following this shortly with more details on three of our core platforms, the Digital Media Exchange (DME), Marine CRM and Club Manager and the latest version of our CMS (Content Management System).

    We’re also offering a free web site appraisal including over 40 different tests covering Accessibility, Content, Marketing and Technology. Contact Us now or complete this form

  • Demand is there for mobile shopping

    30 January 2011

    Here’s a couple of interesting points that go to show consumers here in the UK really are ready and willing to embrace the mobile shopping experience:

    - ASOS, a fashion retailer, generated over £1m in a single month just two months after the launch of their mobile site.

    - Both John Lewis and M&S have reported selling items in excess of £3,000 via mobile.

    I’m not sure how much more proof UK retailers need that the demand is there but so many still do not have decent, usable, mobile solutions on offer. Getting something built and launched doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge, time intensive project…mobile web applications, essentially mobile optimised web sites, can quite often do the job just as well as native applications.

  • PPC vs SEO | Clicks vs Spend

    27 December 2010

    Here’s a nice infographic to complement a point I made in an earlier post on search marketing. In the US, although over 90% of search marketing spend is allocated to paid search, only 10% of traffic actually comes from clicks on paid ad slots. As you can see from the graphic below, the overall majority (nearly 90%) of clicks are from organic listings. Businesses take note. SEO should be a key component of your online marketing activity.

    Pay-per-click verses SEO graphic

  • How content is being spread online

    26 December 2010

    A good snapshot included in an article by Paul Braat (@Braat) that shows what tools are being employed to distribute content on the web. Unsurprisingly it shows Facebook and Twitter have the potential to be significant traffic drivers. Given the cost of marketing on Facebook and Twitter, it makes it hard to find reasons why they shouldn’t be part any business’s marketing strategy.

    How content is being spread online pie chart