Creative Digital Marketing

  • Fixed - is less now more?

    09 February 2009

    Fixed now seems certain to be the big new thing for a gen X weary of being re-sold another repackaged lifestyle fad . Sure to spread in this climate of penny pinching a simple menu of an old racer or track frame, slip in some new deep rimmed 700c wheels apply a few retro parts and remove the brakes. Love it.

    I look at modern web design in the same way. Stick simply to the functions required and present it in a desirable format. Job done.


  • Cheap handlebars?

    28 January 2009

    A pair of cheap handlebars are just the ticket to lift you out the winter blues. Supporting your local bike shop may not be the obvious source of inspiration but 10 minutes chat with Russ (purveyor of quality cycling bling), back home for a quick re-build and then 30 minutes of the sublime singletrack. 30 minutes that totally re-charges the creative batteries and off we go!!

  • Porn, Shopping and Social Networking - all on a Sunday Morning

    23 January 2009

    Social Networking graph

    Watching porn, shopping and catching with your social network are popular activities for sunday mornings according to recent reports from Hitwise and FilmOn

    Analysis of viewing figures shows peak demand for FilmOn’s “naughty movies” was around 1116 GMT on Sunday.

    By contrast, internet analysts Hitwise found that usage of video sites peaked on Sundays but more traditional adult sites experienced a dip.

    The surprise relationship between social networking and adult-themed sites came last September, when total page visits for social networking sites for the first time eclipsed that of adult sites.

    But it is not simply that viewers of pornography abandoned it in favour of online social interaction, according to Robin Goad of Hitwise.

    “It seems that some of the less extreme content that can be found in the ‘adult’ category moved to these social sites,” he says.

    It is unlikely that there is a shift away from adult viewing overall, according to Alki David (founder of FilmOn), just that it is finding different online outlets, and video-on-demand is a rising star among “content delivery” methods online.

    “Adult entertainment is always at the forefront of technological advances on the internet, that’s just fact.

    “The reason that has been the case is because as humans we’re instinctively drawn to that type of behaviour. I don’t think there’s anything particularly unusual in that in human terms. If anything, it sheds light on our true primal instincts.”