Creative Digital Marketing

“Offer a wider range of services and increase your profits without increasing your overheads.”

The BoxStuff Partner Programme provides bespoke services at the level of involvement you need.

BoxStuff can provide web site and web application development services with secure, shared or dedicated hosting. Alongside this we can provide all related services from domain name registration, domain name services, email account management and email marketing to Search Engine and Social Media Optimisation.

Our prices are competitive, we offer a fast turnaround and you decide to what extent we get involved with customer relations.

What are the benefits of partnering?

  • Open up new revenue opportunities that can generate residual income for little effort – increase your profits without increasing your overheads and admin
  • Develop a relationship of mutual trust and beneficial cooperation – we will work to make you look good, providing a top level of service that you can rely on to promote and support your own business – if this works for you then it will work for us with a long lasting partnership
  • We will help you market these new services to your customers so that you can start making more profit sooner – we will provide support and advice and tools to help you sell additional services
  • We’ll also sell your services – when we get enquiries we’ll recommend the best person for the job and prioritise our partners
  • 20% of the profit for you – we will give you a profit share on all jobs you bring to us (or we can invoice you and you can invoice direct with your own markup)

It’s simple, just give us a call for a chat and see how we can help you with your projects, on your terms.

Consultation and estimates are free and we will give you a comprehensive breakdown of costs, so you will know where you stand from the beginning.