Creative Digital Marketing

Planning your Marketing Strategy

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Digital marketing and the wealth of options and channels available presents a number of challenges for businesses. At BoxStuff we believe the key to effective digital marketing is a clear definition of goals, comprehensive planning and expert execution.

If you’re looking to take your first steps into the digital arena, develop an existing plan or find out about one specific area, our team of designers, developers and marketers is here to help.

BoxStuff combine Creative, Technical and Marketing know-how to deliver truly creative, digital marketing solutions. With our combined experience of designing, building and managing digital solutions, we are ideally positioned to advise on the best practices and technologies to employ.

Contact us to arrange a consultation to discuss your ideas and/or requirements. We’ll give you an honest appraisal of your plans and let you know what we could do to help market your business.

Websites & Web Applications

We build websites

We build web sites that are search engine friendly and easy to manage. Our web applications are standards based and easily extensible through third party integration and bespoke development.

Every new website we build uses Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) best practices and provides easy-to-use tools and guides for managing your SEO activity.

Our modular CMS and CRM platforms provide cost effective solutions to cover most basic website requirements. These can be easily extended or customised to provide individuality so your site can be unique.

We provide a fully managed service from design to hosting and support so you never have to worry about dealing with third parties or managing your own hosting infrastructure.

We have a Partner Programme for web and graphic designers looking for a development partner.

Design Services


Offering both interactive and print design services, as well as brand management and development, BoxStuff’s creative team and partner network of graphic design and marketing professionals have extensive experience in bringing brands and concepts to life in innovative and engaging ways.

Combining excellence in both design and web, you can be confident that your website and brand identity will be consistent whilst providing a great platform for supporting all channels including search engine marketing.

Our experience covers many industries including financial marketing, food producers, estate agencies, fashion retailers, marine products and services, property developers, interior designers and TV production.

Visit our Portfolio to view some examples of recent work.

Mobile Services


Whether you’re looking to extend your customer relationships to the mobile channel or are simply preparing your customer touchpoints for today’s more mobile consumer, BoxStuff has a range of mobile tools and services to help you put in place and manage a comprehensive mobile marketing program.

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Email Marketing


BoxStuff provides a complete email marketing package from design through to delivery and measurement of results. We highly recommend adding this kind of activity to your marketing mix because quite simply – it works! It is cost effective, immediate, relevant and measurable. Email marketing gets results and costs less than other direct marketing methods.

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Search Engine Marketing


Whether its a paid search strategy (PPC) or you’re looking to optimise your organic search placement (SEO), we offer a range of search engine marketing services that will suit. Regardless of whether we build or manage your website, we can work with you to put in place an appropriate search strategy covering both paid and natural. Following an initial consultation and a review of your current site and search engine ranking, we will prepare and implement a clear and easy to understand programme of work to meet your goals. Regular reports and reviews will allow you to track progress and check return on investment.

If you would like to know more then contact us or have a look at the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) packages that we offer.

Social Media Optimisation


Social Media is the name commonly used, now, to describe the various social and business networking websites that have become very popular and very powerful ways of communicating not just with friends and colleagues but more significantly with organisations and brands. This new medium for Business to Consumer and even Business to Business marketing has huge benefits in terms of low cost, high ROI if properly managed and executed.

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