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OpusDME - Digital Media Exchange

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Harmonise storing, categorising, searching and distributing your media

The Digital Media Exchange is a brandable online platform for mass media distribution.

Upload images/video/documents via secure ftp, add meta data within the admin side of Opus DME and with one click have multi formats ready for end user use.

With Opus DME’s enhanced tagging and search features, media assets can be found faster than ever before.

  • Store and easily search photos, videos, documents and audio files
  • Allow your media contacts and/or customers easy access to media assets
  • Automatic conversion and resizing of photos, videos and audio files into any required formats and sizes
  • Integrated CRM and press accreditation capabilities
  • Email marketing with simple asset linking and downloading

The OpusDME system is revolutionising the way organisations and event teams operate their media distribution.

OpusDME is being adopted by leading brands and events including:

Please call 01983 241615 for more information and to arrange a demo.